The benefits of using a VPN for businesses

As more and more brands prioritise doing business online and remote working policies become permanent fixtures, the opportunities for cyber attackers and fraudsters have grown exponentially. Now more than ever, your business’ cybersecurity shouldn’t be underestimated, with cybersecurity basics and advanced techniques needing to be called upon to ensure you can operate safely and securely.

For businesses holding data on their customers or employees, adopting measures that enhance cyber protection and close the loopholes hackers look to exploit is crucial. Without the right approach, you’ll not only leave personal or sensitive data exposed, you’ll put your company’s reputation on the line.

That’s where a VPN or Virtual Private Network comes in. As your portal to a protected network connection with real-time encryption, using a site-to-site or remote access VPN can unlock a long list of benefits for your business.

As any cyber security consultant worth his or her salt will attest, there are many key advantages to harnessing a VPN – as we will explain here.

Connect securely to vital resources

Whether you operate predominantly online or it’s just one aspect of your outfit, you’re certain to use several online resources to simplify your setup. For businesses with remote teams, access to internal apps is a priority that enables collaboration whatever the location of your workforce. Service sites that give customers access to company resources also need a secure connection.

With a site-to-site VPN, you can connect to these resources securely without putting your company, staff or customer data at risk. A remote access VPN goes one step further for businesses with remote teams, protecting workers from threats even when using public networks or mobile devices.

Make breaches a thing of the past

Thanks to the use of encrypted tunnels, site-to-site VPN gateways ensure staff and customer access that you control. This limits use to those outside your network, keeping third parties out and reducing the very real risk of security breaches.

Save time and money on cybersecurity

With the ability to link a company’s headquarters to its sites, physical network connections are the go-to cybersecurity system for larger organisations. But why spend all that time and money establishing physical network connections when you can purchase a site-to-site VPN for a fraction of the cost?

In addition to being a more affordable solution, a site-to-site VPN saves essential resources in-house. Your IT department will also enjoy the lighter workload that comes with VPN use, with their time freed up to add value to other areas of your business.

Reduce your office costs further

The secure connection provided by a remote access VPN could save you even more money in the long run. Whilst remote working policies have become the norm for many brands, those looking to grow their team further can do so securely without giving up vital office space.

Enhance your business productivity

The productivity of large remote teams can be increased by using the force and split tunneling that remote access VPNs make possible. This involves dividing employee traffic into VPN routes to uphold the speed of your server, improve user experience and ensure better use of your resources.

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