What is web development and why is it important?

Running your own website can seem pretty daunting. Even with years of experience and knowledge in the industry, web development is always changing. If you are needing to develop your site, or improve an existing website, it is recommended that you find an external web developer who knows what they are doing- before anything takes a turn for the worse.

But, what actually is web development? Web development relates to developing websites with tasks ranging from web design, content creation, network security configuration and much more.

Web development explained

As previously mentioned, there are many processes involved with web development, however in the broadest sense, it encompasses all of the processes required to build, maintain and manage a website. Web development is so important if you want to ensure your website performs as well as it should, providing a good user experience which will encourage customers to return. It is also vital that the website is search engine friendly because this is how the likes of Google and Bing show your customers your site. Factors such as coding, markups and programming are usually needed in the set up on an effective, functioning website.

What else is included in web development?

Web development is an interesting part of marketing because it has endless possibilities where actions can vary from creating plain text pages to installing applications.

The web development hierarchy is as follows:

  • Client-side coding.
  • Server-side coding.
  • Database technology.

Most web developers use Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript for website development.

Web development and digital experience

One of the biggest reasons to invest in your web development is to drastically improve your customers’ digital experience when they are on your website. Using digital experience platforms such as Optimizely can help create a digital experience that transforms your brand and company. Optimizely is used by global brands such as Ebay, Fjall Raven, Dolby and Pizza hut. If Optimizely sounds like the solution for your business, why not work with the experts at Ultimedia, the UKs first Optimizely Partner.

Why is web development important?

Web development is a way of making your target market aware of the products or services you offer. It brings a relevancy to your brand and its products and can differentiate you from your competitors. Web development combined with the right imagery and messaging really will influence consumers purchasing decisions, so here are some other reasons why it is so important to get it right:

1.    Communication

Of course, you want your website to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, however it is more important to have a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. Your website should also clearly demonstrate what your business is about, if it doesn’t, this is a way of losing customers. Using content such as blog posts that can be amplified on social media is also a great way of communicating. It will resonate with your audience and form more of an interaction. Creating pages on your website such as FAQ’s can effectively answer any of your customers queries without having to personally respond to each and every message, email and comment. Communicating well can save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run.

2.    Connectivity

Website development can allow you to create a responsive website that is compatible across worldwide devices from computers to smartphones and the likes of iPads and tablets. This is crucial if you want the maximum reach of customers. Having a website that doesn’t work across certain platforms or devices is an unnecessary way of losing traffic and visibility.

3.    Reliability

If your website is high quality and appears trustworthy to your customers, your business will have more credibility. By investing time into your web development, your business will begin to stand out and appeal to customers more than your competitors will. Another great thing about web development is that it can handle the design element of your website, making sure it matches your brand’s personality and theme. These small details can be the difference between a conversion as it builds customers trust and confidence in your business.

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