Why Dust Suppression and Demolition Dust Control Is Important

Construction dust is not just a nuisance; it is a real threat to the health of people working on the site and the surrounding community. Also, the particles increase the levels of air pollution and can negatively impact nearby water bodies. For these reasons, construction sites should implement dust suppression techniques to protect employees, the nearby community, and the environment. However, the techniques you use will determine how effective dust suppression is on your construction site. Effective dust control solutions, like those from BossTek, eliminate the negative risks of dust particles on a construction and demolition site. Here are the main reasons why dust control matters on your construction site.

Dust suppression eliminates dangerous health risks on your construction site

Demolition releases a lot of dust particles into the atmosphere, which can cause health complications when inhaled. Research says that regularly inhaling construction dust causes diseases like silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and asthma. These diseases are no joke. Some can cause permanent disability and early death. Studies reveal that over 500 construction workers die yearly due to exposure to silica dust. To avoid these ugly consequences, use misting cannons to suppress dust particles using water droplets ranging between 50 and 200 microns. This is the optimum size of water droplets that suppress dust efficiently without the slipstream effect.

Dust control ensures you remain compliant with government regulations

According to OSHA regulations, construction site owners should provide employees with a safe workplace. The workplace should be free from any known dangers that might harm workers or are likely to cause death. Construction sites that don’t control dust in the workplace break OSHA regulations, translating to ugly consequences. On the other hand, EPA regulations state that site owners should take necessary precautions to prevent dust from spreading beyond site boundaries. The dust particles from a construction site should not result in an undesirable level of air pollution. Non-compliance with EPA regulations translates to penalties that might disrupt construction site operations. Generally, if you don’t comply with government regulations regarding construction dust, you could attract heavy fines. Misting cannons and tower dust suppression systems will help you control demolition dust to comply with laws and avoid penalties.

It promotes better workplace conditions

Construction dust poses serious health risks.  As a result, affected workers are likely to take sick leave, which might disrupt operations and productivity on the site. Construction dust particles are also a nuisance to workers. In return, employees may leave their current jobs to search for better opportunities that don’t threaten their well-being. As you already know, high employee turnover translates to increased costs of hiring qualified people. Leverage dust control techniques like temporary anti-dust partitions to enclose small dust sources like drilling activities. Alternatively, provide your employees with personal protective gear like face shields and dustproof masks when working in a dust-filled atmosphere.

You’ll massively benefit if you control or suppress dust in your site. You comply with regulations, provide a great working environment, and protect employees from dangerous diseases associated with construction dust.

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